Norwegian yarns for Fiber Artists
  • Norsk Fjord Fiber


When Norsk Fjord Fiber started, in 1985, it was a simple business: importing raw wool from rare, Norwegian-raised Nordic breeds of sheep (Spelsau and Gotland/Pelsau), to U.S. Spinners. Over time, the business expanded to a variety of products, all related to simple, time-honored Nordic textiles, traditions and tools. There was a lot of hard work and enjoyment introducing the rich Scandinavian fiber traditions to others.

Now Norsk Fjord Fiber has simplified and is back to a single product: a breed-specific Norwegian weaving yarn called “Vevgarn” plus a few high quality warp yarns. Vevgarn is excellent for tapestry, rugs and bound weave structures. We even have a few knitters devoted to using Vevgarn for their hardier yet colorful garments. Please visit our products page for our catalog of products for purchase.